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  • 1. What is Al'Deewan Bakery?
    Al'Deewan Bakery is a renowned bakery franchise that offers a wide range of freshly baked Manakeesh, Mini Pies, and other backed goods, including pastries, bread, Baklava, and specialty items. It's known for its commitment to quality and traditional recipes.
  • 2. How can I become a franchisee of Al'Deewan Bakery?
    To become a franchisee of Al'Deewan Bakery, - You should start by contacting our franchise department. - We will provide you with the necessary information and guide you through the application and selection process by in person orientation at our restaurant. - You will receive Al’Deewan Franchise application to be fill out and sent back to us. - Will set up a meeting with You, The Owner, and other departments to sign up the Franchise disclosure documents.
  • 3. What are the advantages of owning an Al'Deewan Bakery franchise?
    Owning an Al'Deewan Bakery franchise comes with benefits such as brand recognition, a proven and beloved product line (Lebanese Manakeesh), comprehensive training, marketing support, bulk purchasing power, and ongoing assistance from our dedicated team.
  • 4. What are the typical costs associated with opening an Al'Deewan Bakery franchise?
    Costs may vary depending on location and size, but they typically include franchise fees, equipment and bakery setup costs, lease or real estate expenses, initial inventory, marketing expenditures, and ongoing royalty fees. - Turn key operation: $250K - $350K Depends on the Location size - Franchise Fees: $30,000 - Royalty Fees: $1000/ month (1st year) Then 5% Gross sales after - Marketing Fees: $500/ month (1st year) Then 2% Gross sales after - Other: Opining order (The specific cost may vary based on individual agreements and negotiations).
  • 5. What kind of support can I expect from Al'Deewan Bakery as a franchisee?
    We provide franchisees with extensive training, assistance in site selection, marketing support, operational guidance, access to our trusted suppliers, and continuous support for business management and growth.
  • 6. Can I have some flexibility with the menu and pricing as an Al'Deewan Bakery franchise?
    While we maintain core menu items to ensure brand consistency, there may be some flexibility for local customization to cater to regional tastes and preferences.
  • 7. What is the typical duration of an Al'Deewan Bakery franchise agreement?
    Al'Deewan Bakery franchise agreements typically have a term of 10 to 15 years, but the specific duration may vary based on individual agreements and negotiations.
  • 8. Is it possible to sell my Al'Deewan Bakery franchise to someone else?
    Yes, Al'Deewan Bakery franchise agreements typically allow for the sale of the franchise, subject to approval by our franchise department and adherence to transfer conditions.
  • 9. What happens if I need to terminate my Al'Deewan Bakery franchise agreement early?
    Early termination of the franchise agreement can have financial and legal implications. Please refer to your specific agreement for details on the terms and penalties involved.
  • 10. What are the key factors to consider when choosing to franchise with Al'Deewan Bakery?
    When considering an Al'Deewan Bakery franchise, factors to weigh include the brand's reputation, your financial readiness, location selection, terms of the franchise agreement, and alignment with the bakery's mission and values.
  • 11. Can I own multiple Al'Deewan Bakery franchises in different locations?
    - Yes, depending on your resources and qualifications, you may have the opportunity to own and operate multiple Al'Deewan Bakery locations in different areas. Before proceeding with an Al'Deewan Bakery franchise, we recommend conducting thorough due diligence and seeking legal and financial advice to ensure you fully comprehend the terms and responsibilities of the franchise agreement. Additionally, speaking with existing Al'Deewan Bakery franchisees can provide valuable insights into the specific franchise opportunity.
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